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Classic Tours

Westminster Abbey Tour

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of the most special places to visit in the country.  Coronations have taken place there since 1066 and it is where our greatest and best loved are honoured and remembered. Your tour will take you through the medieval cloisters and then into the main body of this beautiful gothic building.  You will see the important tombs and memorials in the Abbey and you will hear fascinating stories of kings and queens, heroes, scientists, musicians, artists, philanthropists, playwrights, artists, explorers and prime ministers.

St Paul's Cathedral Tour

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is the masterpiece of starchitect Christopher Wren.  You will see this outstanding example of English baroque style in its full glory.   Hear about the role this Cathedral has played in our history and about the important events that it has hosted.  You can sit beneath the imposing Dome marvelling at its structure and the wonderful mosaics or climb up the stairs to the famous Whispering Gallery for outstanding views of the Cathedral floor or climb even further for stunning views of the city.

Tower of London Tour

Tower of London

Towers, turrets, prisons, ghosts, queens, traitors, executions, escapes and a collection of jewellery to dazzle you are all to be found in the Tower of London!  What a fun day out!  A must see pageant of 1,000 years of British history highlighting both the power and significance of this building: past and present.  Highlights of your tour will include seeing the Crown Jewels, meeting the Tower’s most celebrated residents, and listening to stories of  prisoners,  murder and executions, the use of Traitors’ Gate, escapes, ghosts and the fate of three Queens!  Are you brave enough?

British Museum Tour

The British Museum

The British Museum is is known as the Museum of the World for the World.  Our walk through this cutting edge museum will take you to the stone that unlocked the secrets of Hieroglyphics, to the ancient Kingdom of Greece, to Assyria and to Egypt.  You will hear about treasure finds in Britain and how we use these finds to learn about the past.

Victoria and Albert Museum Tour

The Victoria and Albert Museum

The V & A Museum is known as the Cathedral for the Decorative Arts. As soon as you enter this magnificent gallery, you will understand the reason why.  Get to know this museum through a highlights tour or a more specialised tour of the Jewellery Gallery, the British Galleries, the Fashion Court or the new Medieval and Renaissance Galleries, amongst others.

Royal London Tour

Royal Westminster

This walk takes you through the very heart of London!  Starting in London’s most strategic Square and then taking the Royal processional route to Buckingham Palace, passing Clarence House where Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, live.  Then through the lovely Royal park of St James’ and on to Westminster Abbey where coronations have taken place since 1066, and a few royal weddings, too!   We also throw a bit of politics into this walk for good measure!
National Gallery Tour

The National Galleries

The National Gallery showcases the nation’s collection of art from 15th to 20th century and our tour will aim to highlight the best these centuries have to offer in terms of art and artists. The National Portrait Gallery houses one of the best collections of personalities and faces in British history.  Our highlight tour explores the collection of paintings of those who shaped our history from kings and queens, to sportspersons, musicians and celebrities!
City of London Tour

The City of London

This walk takes you into the oldest part of the capital where you will hear about the events that had a profound impact on the history of London. You will explore this financial heart of the city as well as discovering hidden gardens and medieval alleyways that hide traces of its 2,000 year history. You will see one of the world’s best loved cathedrals completed 300 years ago, as well as more contemporary buildings of iconic note. You will walk through the street of architects, seeing cutting-edge building designs of their day and hear stories of the everyday heroes of 19th century London whilst visiting some of the quaintest open spaces and alleyways in the Square Mile.
Tate Modern Tour

Tate Modern & Tate Britain

Our tour of the Tate Modern starts at the entrance of this disused power station, known as the Cathedral of Modern Art.  This amazing space exhibits the nation’s collection of modern and international art from the 20th century.  Our tour will highlight and explain some of the collection going through many of the “isms” of art.  You will also hear the latest on the building programme of Tate Modern. Tate Britain displays  British art from 1500 to the current day, so join this tour for the best of British!  Come and explore the collection, from works by the father of British painting, William Hogarth, to those by the 18th century portraitists Reynolds and Gainsborough, from the Pre –Raphaelites to the Romantics, from the artists of the 20th century to the very latest in British contemporary art.

Specialist Walking Tours

Street Art Tour

Street Art

This tour takes us through one of London’s most vibrant areas, the East End.  Walking
through Spitalfields, Brick Lane and Shoreditch, we will see how these streets act as galleries showcasing the current dynamic street art scene.  We will see different styles of art ranging from stencils to aerosol painting, from paste ups to mini sculptures.  We will see the works of many artists including Stik, Fanakapan, Ben Eine, Zabou, Roa, JimmyC and the scarlet pimpernel of the street art scene, Banksy!

London Fashion Tour

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

This walk takes us past the land of Bohemia and to the heart of the swinging ’60s, then through the classic and stylish Regent Street to where the bible of fashion is produced, Mayfair. We then walk along the golden mile of tailoring, and through the street where Royalty likes to shop.  You will hear about British designers including the first Knight of fashion, the Dame of fashion, the Godmother of fashion and the Bad Boy of fashion!

Financial London Tour

Financial London

The City of London, or the Square Mile as it is often called, is the financial capital of the UK and is one of the leading financial centres of the world.  Our tour in the Square Mile  includes the key financial institutions including the Bank of England, the London Metal Exchange, Lloyds Market and the Stock Exchange.  We will also step off the main streets to visit some of the alleyways and hidden corners where city workers have wined and dined for hundreds of years. We will learn about the history of the City and its development into a major financial centre.

Soho Tour London


Soho has been the Playground of London for centuries. It has all happened here: Carnaby Street and the boutiques of the Swinging Sixties; top nightclubs: rock and roll and world-class jazz. Sample the colours, flavours and atmosphere of London’s China Town. Soho has been known for its after dark pleasures, and it is now renowned for its coffee bars, drinking clubs and restaurants.

Small Galleries of London Tour

Small Galleries of London

London has a host of small independent art galleries.  They are mainly located in central London and they show the works of top well established artists as well as exciting new comers.  This is an opportunity to see and possibly even purchase great art in small intimate galleries.

Best of British Tour

Best of British

This is a varied walk around the prestigious areas of Mayfair and St James that shows examples of the “Best of British”.  This includes gentlemen’s clubs, Savile Row tailors, contemporary fashion, the favourite foodhall of the Queen and much, much more.
Story of the East End Tour

Story of the East End

A visit to London should now include a visit to the East End areas of Spitalfields, Brick Lane and Shoreditch.  These areas have transformed from being amongst the most run-down of London to becoming fashionable, exciting and vibrant, with a myriad of bars, restaurants, clubs and galleries, as well as independent and quirky shops.  These areas are a centre for street culture and street art.  Anne-Marie leads tours that focus on the dynamic street art scene as well as the historical and cultural aspects of the area.

Legal London Walk

The Legal Walk

Visit the Inns of Court, one of the most picturesque parts of London, steeped in history, where lawyers have lived and trained since medieval times.  Walk through the warren of court yards and passageways whilst hearing stories of the colourful characters of the legal world.  Continue on until we find the distinctive round nave of the Temple Church where the 13th century effigies of the Templar Knights lie.  See where Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night was premiered and learn why the Royal Courts of Justice was named the Legal Cathedral.  See where our legal friends shop for wigs and gowns and where they find the time to play!
Markets of London Tour

The Markets of London

Londoners love to shop at markets! There are markets specialising in flowers, fruit and
vegetables, fish, meat, street food, antiques, bric a brac and crafts. The London markets are
lively, vibrant and colourful places to explore.
Come and wander through the markets for a real London vibe and experience some of that
atmosphere. You may find an unusual souvenir or two!

Out of London Tours

Bath Tour


Bath is a magnificent world heritage site in the middle of beautiful countryside, 100 miles west of London.   It has stunning Georgian architecture, including the Royal Crescent and the Circus.  Visit the Roman Baths where the hot water springs still bubble just as they did when the spa was built by the Romans two thousand years ago.  Other highlights include Bath Abbey, the Pump Room and the Pulteney Bridge.  Bath is a delightful town to wander about and to explore its shops and restaurants.

City of Oxford Tour


This is a city 40 miles north west of London, world famous for its University, the ancient colleges and the dreaming spires.  We can visit some of the colleges and their magnificent gardens whose former students include Bill Clinton, Christopher Wren, J R R Tolkein, C S Lewis and Lewis Carroll.  Other highlights include a walking tour past the Sheldonian Theatre, the Radcliffe Camera and the Bodleian Library.

Stonehenge Tour


This formation of very large stones on Salisbury Plain dates back five thousand years.  The stones are laid out in circles and horseshoe settings.  It is a magical and spiritual place, with many different theories as to how and why it was built.  Stonehenge was designated a world heritage site in 1986 and should not be missed.

Canterbury Tour


Experience the history and heritage of the city of Canterbury, a world heritage site in Kent just 60 miles south east of London.  Visit the stunning Canterbury Cathedral, the oldest in England, and the place of pilgrimage for Geoffrey Chaucer and his fellow pilgrims.  Explore the winding streets and lanes of quirky shops and the ancient ruins of St Augustus Abbey and St Martin’s Church.

Windsor Castle Tour

Windsor Castle

The Queen’s favourite residence and dubbed the most romantic castle in the world!
Just 20 miles from the centre of London lies the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world.  Windsor Castle’s history goes back to 11th century and has been the home of 39 monarchs.Enjoy a tour of the castle precincts whilst hearing about the history. Visit the State Apartments which are used by the Queen to host official visits and visit St George’s Chapel to see the stunning gothic architecture whilst hearing the stories of the monarchs who lie in the tombs of the chapel.
Cotswolds Tour

The Cotswolds

Timeless and tranquil, the Cotswolds show the English countryside at its best,   designated an area of outstanding natural beauty covering almost 800 square miles of the nation’s loveliest and most unspoilt counties.  The Cotswolds are within easy reach of London.  Together we can explore its quintessentially English villages of honey coloured stone, the rolling hills known as the Wolds  and lively market towns whilst learning the stories and history of this charming area.

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