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Historic Tours of London

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Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, together with the Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament (Big Ben) and the Church of St Margaret, make up a World Heritage Site, one of the top sites in the world!  The Abbey is where coronations have taken place since 1066 and where our greatest and best loved are honoured and remembered. 

Your tour will take you through the medieval cloisters and then into the main body of the Abbey.  You will learn about the most important tomb in the Abbey, the tomb of the Unknown Warrior, and you will see where Churchill is remembered.  You will hear stories of great scientists, musicians, artists, philanthropists, playwrights, artists and prime ministers.  Many of our Kings and Queens are buried in the Abbey and they have fascinating stories too.  You will sense the historical atmosphere and see where those coronations took place and a few royal weddings too!  www.westminster-abbey.org

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is the masterpiece of Christopher Wren.  It is just over 300 years old and has recently undergone an extensive cleaning programme so you will see it in its full glory!  Inside the Cathedral, the tour starts by the great western doors, through which Lady Diana Spencer walked through in 1981 to marry Prince Charles,  and more recently the Queen walked through to celebrate her Golden Jubilee.

There is the beautiful styling and detailing of the baroque architecture, those large transparent windows and swags of extravagant foliage and we must not forget those chubby cherubs!  Wait until you sit under the perfect dome, admiring the painting, and the sparkling mosaics: You will be awestruck!   You will visit the crypt and see where our greatest naval hero, Lord Horatio Nelson, and greatest soldier, the Duke of Wellington, are buried, and we must not forget to pass the tomb of the architect of this iconic building, Sir Christopher Wren.  www.stpauls.co.uk

Kensington Palace

Visit this beautiful Jacobean mansion - the favourite residence of Kings and Queens from 1689 to 1760 - set in the Royal Park of Kensington. Tour the State Apartments of this historic building and hear stories from the lives of the royals that lived here, including Queen Victoria, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales.  The Palace is now the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George, and Uncle Prince Harry.  Take a stroll in the beautiful sunken garden of the Palace followed by afternoon tea in the Orangery. www.hrp.org.uk

Tower of London

Towers, turrets, prisons, ghosts, queens, traitors, executions, escapes and a collection of jewellery to dazzle you are all to be found in the Tower of London!  What a fun day out!   Our tour starts in front of this World Heritage Site, casting your mind back to almost 1,000 years of history.  As your tour continues within the walls, you will start to understand both the power and significance of this building: past and present.  Highlights of your tour will include seeing the Crown Jewels together with the regalia of crowns, sceptres, orbs and swords used at coronations and other state occasions.  You will meet the Tower’s most celebrated residents, the ravens, and hear about their role in the Tower. You will hear about and see the Yeoman Warders, more commonly known as Beefeaters.  There are stories of prisoners and their fates, murder and executions, the use of Traitor’s Gate, escapes, ghosts and the fate of three queens!  Are you brave enough? www.hrp.org.uk

Hampton Court

Experience the Tudor way of life in Henry V111’s favourite palace, Hampton Court.  The tour takes you through the imposing gateway of the Tudor Palace very much associated with the 1500's and into the first court yard where you will see the elegant classical palace of the 1700's - two palaces for the price of one!  You will hear the stories of the monarchs and their lifestyles in Hampton Court and how they developed the palace and the exquisite gardens.  You will visit the Tudor kitchens and the wine cellars and you will get an understanding of what a big business eating and drinking was in those days!  You will see the Great Hall where the feasting took place and walk through the many chambers marking the boundary to the private apartments.  This is a most atmospheric and enjoyable tour!  www.hrp.org.uk